Local Landmark: Marsden Lime Kilns

12-11 Marsden Lime Kilns

Travelling along the coast road from South Shields to Whitburn or vice versa it’s impossible to miss the huge brick construction built out from the hillside opposite Souter Lighthouse, but what exactly is it? Well in a town once rich in industry and shipbuilding it’s not surprising that this monstrous structure is yet another relic [...]

Local Landmark: The Old Town Hall and Market Place

11-11 Old Town Hall

It’s hard to believe that the small building dominating the market square was once the meeting place for the top officials of the town. Trying to imagine what South Shields would have looked like when the Old Town Hall was built is difficult. The building dates to 1768 so with no roads, shops or King [...]

Local Landmark: Souter Lighthouse

03-12 Souter Lighthouse

In the mid nineteenth century the North Sea was a treacherous place. Heavy industry and a rising population saw coastal traffic expand rapidly as ships delivered goods all over the world. Getting in and out of ports was particularly dangerous and the stretch of coastline between Whitburn and Marsden was noted for being one of [...]

Local Landmark: The Groyne Pier and Lighthouse – South Shields

How many people whilst having a cup of tea at the Littlehaven Hotel will have cast their eye over the Groyne Lighthouse and whilst not paying it too much attention will have thought it looks a little unusual for a lighthouse, more like a space ship from an old Flash Gordon movie. The other thing, [...]

Marsden Rock

Marsden Rock

Recipe: Plum & Almond Tart

Plum & Almond Tart

Enjoy British plums at their best with this delicious baked tart. It tastes just as good warm or cold served with a spoonful of thick cream or crème fraiche. Serves 8 Ready in 1 hour 15 mins Ingredients 300g (10oz) fresh shortcrust pastry 115g (4oz) unsalted butter, softened 115g (4oz) caster sugar 2 large eggs, [...]

Words we use: From Europe

Words we use

Before continuing our journey by heading even further afield, our series of articles looking at the origins of words English has adopted from other languages continues with a final overview of the remaining languages of Europe we have not yet considered which together have given us some of our most familiar words. Even the other [...]

Local Walks: Mirror, Mirror

Local walk Mirror Mirror

An easy 5 mile walk exploring the many paths in the foothills of East Boldon! Plus a reminder of more turbulent times. Start the walk at the War Memorial and turn down Gordon Drive, go left down Alison Drive and just after Hiram Drive go along a paved path between houses. Cross Hunter Close and  [...]

Recipes: Smoked Haddock Fishcakes

Smoked Haddock Fishcakes

Homemade fishcakes are a real treat for all the family. For a more luxurious version replace the smoked haddock with salmon and add a few chopped peeled prawns. To make little fish nuggets that the kids will love, shape about 4 balls from one quantity of fishcake and coat in the same way. Fry for [...]

Words we use: Greek

Words we use

This month our series looking at the contributions different languages have made to English continues with Greek. At first thought, the number of words borrowed directly from Greek may seem somewhat insignificant, limited perhaps to only words of contemporary culture adopted into English in recent times. Indeed, especially when compared to some of the other [...]