The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities

The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities

The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities

Local South Shields author and ‘The Handbook’ contributor has a new book out just in time for Christmas. 

Every day since 10 December 2013, the @HaggardHawks Twitter feed has been bringing you a daily Word of the Day. As a general rule (and as with all HH words) these Words of the Day are culled from the more obscure corners of the more obscure dictionaries, with the aim of bringing you a daily shot of vocabulary of which you’ll hopefully have never heard. And now, we have an entire year’s worth of words to offer you—with an extra slice of historical context thrown in just for good measure

The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities brings together 366 (yes, 29 February is here too!) obscure Words of the Day, every one of which—from quaaltagh to handsel—has some kind of connection to the date in question. So you can celebrate JRR Tolkien’s birthday on 3 January with the story behind a word he invented, eucatastophe.

The date a brand new top hat caused a riot in central London in 1797—15 January—is marked with the story behind alamodic, a seventeenth century word for something that is the height of fashion. And the date on which the entirely ice-bound Battle of Texel was fought—23 January—in 1795 is commemorated in the story behind the word ice-legs, the ability to keep one’s balance on frozen ground.

Head across to Amazon to open the Cabinet of Curiosities now, or read on for an exclusive taster of what the book has to offer…

Click Here to find out more and read a sample.

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