Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

Local walk Mirror Mirror
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An easy 5 mile walk exploring the many paths in the foothills of East Boldon! Plus a reminder of more turbulent times.

Start the walk at the War Memorial and turn down Gordon Drive, go left down Alison Drive and just after Hiram Drive go along a paved path between houses. Cross Hunter Close and  go  straight ahead to reach a stile. Cross this and the field ahead, turn left at the footpath sign, cross two stiles to reach a farm track and turn left to reach the A184.

Turn right and walk past the cricket club and the greyhound stadium until you reach Lowland Cottage. Turn right  up the side of the house on a path known as Bell House Road and continue to an ash path. Cross this and follow another ash path climbing up gently and eventually swinging left past some houses. Just as the path starts to descend look for a wall on the right and a blue plaque which explains that this was a Coastal Watch Mirror. Probably dating from 1916 it picked up engine noises from Zeppelins sent to bomb the North East ports and gave a 15 minute warning.

Continue down the side of Mill Garage to reach Newcastle Road and turn left. Turn left again at the roundabout and leave the A184 on an ash path going behind White House Farm. After 200 yards look for a fenced and hedged path, turn right and descend to Nine Wells Gardens, turn left and continue to the Greyhound Stadium. Look for a bridle path also marked Doxford House and walk along, swinging right and then left to climb up to the ash path and turn right. Continue to just past a nursing home and a cycle way sign and turn right down the side of a pronounced ditch to reach a field, turn diagonally left then right down the side of the farm buildings. Cross a track and a stile, go left through a metal gate and descend to a stile and a plank bridge.

Turn right along the farm track until you meet the field path on your left at the beginning of the walk. Continue back to the War Memorial. (Terry Miller)

DOWNLOAD: If you would like to download the walk so that you can print it at home, click here.